Regional Sessions


Small Scale Events

Regional Selection Conferences are three-day sessions, aimed at introducing EYP to new members and selecting them for larger scale event. Small scale events include EYP Days, Member Weekends and Trainings.

National Sessions

National Selection Conferences are five-day sessions that are aimed to strengthen the EYP values in individuals looking to participate in larger scale sessions. Many of the delegates that are selected from these events, attend International Session and Forums, representing EYP Albania all over Europe.

International Events

International Sessions are the flagship events of the European Youth Parliament. They usually last 9-10 days and feature participants from all 40 National Committees all over Europe. Another type of International Events are International Forums, which typically last 6-7 days and are hosted National Committees annually. Both of these kinds of events mark the highest point from a delegate's perspective, paving the way for them to become officials in EYP.