European Youth Parliament Albania

Who are we?

The European Youth Parliament Albania (EYP AL) is an independent, non-governmental organisation. The mission of EYP AL, apart from inspiring and empowering Albanian youngsters to become open-minded, tolerant and active citizens, is to promote international understanding, intercultural dialogue, diversity of ideas and further contribute to the integration process of Albania in the European Union. EYP AL is an official member of the EYP network, and actively cooperates with other National Committees by welcoming foreign delegations, sending Albanian delegations abroad and exchanging best practices.

The current executive board of EYP AL is composed of seven individuals, contributing in areas such as increasing the quality of the sessions within Albania, establishing a strong international image of the NC, making sure that all initiatives and suggested are welcomed and the legal and procedural well-functioning of the organisation as a whole.

One of the main aims of our NC is to host a minimum number of three sessions, which are parliamentary simulations with a standard format, consisting of three main blocks of a training day for the event’s officials, teambuilding, committee work and general assembly. Two integral elements that the board members try to implement through continuous communication with the respective sessions’ leadership are: inclusion & outreach (aiming a high participation rate of Albanian youngsters from different socio-economic backgrounds) and transmitting European values through carefully supporting each step of the way and motivating the individuals that voluntarily engage and productively invest time in such projects.

"I am very happy to be a patron of the European Youth Parliament. They offer many young Europeans the chance to develop and exchange their ideas, share best practices and bring them closer together.

That's what today's youth will need to build the Europe of tomorrow."

Ursula von der Leyen

President of the European Commission